Digital Eye Strain

Chances are you are reading this on a screen of some sort.  Screens are now an integral part of life, whether it is for work, meetings, entertainment, or online-schooling. Looking…

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Hand-made vs. Mass-produced Frames
Colour applied by hand to a frame at the Mykita factory.

Hand-made vs. Mass-produced Frames

theeyemakers™ stocks independent, hand-crafted frame lines, including Anne et Valentine, Barton Perreira, Lindberg, Mykita, and Theo, to name a few. Compared to mass-produced frames, the difference in quality and craftsmanship…

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Night Driving

Battling with glare at night? You are not alone. Research done by Essilor in the UK shows that 85% of people struggle with night driving. And it has a lot…

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